Reservoir Models Dataset

The dataset represents a sector of a real field situated in the Western Siberia, which consists of 1 500 black oil reservoir models. The field produced oil, starting from 2003 to 2017, from the Jurassic formation.

About Dataset

The depositional environment could be a shallow-marine or wave dominated delta (we do not know for sure), at a depth of about 2 700 m. The number of production wells is 38 and injection is 22.

  • Every model is geologically viable, but the quality of history matching is not perfect.
  • You can try to fix it and find geologically realistic and history matched representation in your own way.
  • You can use this dataset whatever you want.

What’s inside

ZIP archive (17 Gb) contains 1 500 folders. Every folder has the following structure:

Usage rights

The access to the dataset does not give the right to redistribute the data (say, for a class exercise) or to share it in any way.

Every research paper or other materials built on this dataset should include the reference to DOI: 10.2118/196881-MS.

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